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Traveling by bike intoetna

The idea of traveling by bike or taking part in tourist itineraries by bicycle is an interesting holiday alternative not only for those who love cycling in their daily lives but also for those who love to spend their holidays in Nature, moving at different paces. slower than those typical of mechanical vehicles and who want to savor every travel experience in every single sensorial aspect.

In fact, the bike can be suitable for use in any territory but we at intoetna believe that the bike in the Mediterranean area and Sicily allows a particularly intense and interesting experience, due to the mild climate and the landscape and environmental variety.

Traveling by bike – Nebrodi. Tour in bike Into Etna

How to approach traveling by bike

Obviously, traveling by bike, for those who have never had this type of experience, may seem complex but what you need to know for those who intend to start are only two things: having an adequate travel plan and having the will to apply it.

To have an adequate plan, it is advisable to contact someone who is expert in using bikes, especially if dirt paths are involved, and who knows the area and the itineraries to follow well. In this sector intoetna represents excellence in the Etna area.

The willingness instead depends on the personal propensity for adventure and contact with Nature.

Furthermore, it is worth underlining that, although traveling by bike is not an extreme activity, it can prove tiring if our body is not used to the stress of pedaling. It is therefore advisable to prepare to travel by bicycle, perhaps carrying out some training during the period preceding the trip (if possible even 3 or 4 months before departure, at least 2 or 3 times a week), to make the most of your holiday.

Furthermore, it is advisable to contact those who know the area to have the opportunity to choose the tour in bike option best suited to your physical preparation, with levels of difficulty suited to all needs. Fort this reason Intoetna organize tour in bike with differents difficult levels, thinking for all people and all needs.

Can you see our tours in bike at the following link

Traveling by bike – Nebrodi Tour in bike Into Etna

Traveling by bike on Etna

You might ask yourself why you should decide to travel by bike on Etna.

The answer is that the bike is that tool which, with a slow but not too slow pace, is able to offer those who use it a detailed vision of the splendid places and panoramas it passes through.

In fact, we at intoetna c believe that the landscapes, scents and culture of Sicily can be better savored if they are experienced through the rhythmic pace of a ride. nd we offer you these routes, with different levels of difficulty, which you can choose from at the following link.

Etna end bike

The territory of Sicily lends itself to many fascinating itineraries to travel by bike. Here we show you four, which allow you to explore the various areas of Sicily, and they are also those indicated in the e-book “Sicilia in bicicletta. Arte e cultura” by BikeItalia.

These four itineraries can take you east to discover the cities of Sicilian Baroqueend west to the remains of theMagna Grecia civilizationsif you love cultural itineraries. While for those who prefer nature trails in the Madonie park and on the high mountain slope of Etna. We at intoetna offer you various routes on Etna in particular which you can find at the following link.

Through the bike trip you will have the opportunity to discover Etna in a unique and fascinating way, outside of the usual stereotypes. By exploiting all the potential of the bike, you will have the opportunity to live unforgettable and exciting experience

All we have to do is wish you a good trip!

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