Syracuse E-Bike Tour

  • Duration: 6/7 hours
  • Distance:27 Km
  • Difficulty:Easy 2 stars
  • Elevation Gain: Positive + 180m – Negatif -180m


Siracusa bike Tour - Baia accanto Tonnara con acqua cristallina
Old Tuna fishery of Santa Panagia

Syracuse Bike Tour: This E-bike adventure between Ortigia island and the natural beauty of the Syracuse coast will give you a unique perspective of Syracuse, combining history, culture and the beautiful Sicilian nature in an unforgettable experience.It is an experience that combine the E-bike and a Boat tour in order to give you a double perspective of this magnificent island


Siracusa Bike Tour Isola Ortigia
The Cathedral of Syracuse


Program of Syracuse E-Bike tour:

Meeting point:

  • INTO ETNA HEADQUARTER, at 8:30, ready for departure to Syracuse.
  • Free pick-up in Catania or in the surrounding areas (to be agreed).
  • During the transfer we will do a briefing on how to use and behave with our e-bikes.
Syracuse Coastline:

Arrived on site and ready to ride the E-bikes; we will start from the beautiful Tonnara di Santa Panagia to explore the coast of Syracuse, we will visit some Arch rock formation made by the erosion of the elements, and after 10 kms of ride we will get to the enchanting island of Ortigia.

Arrived in Ortigia, ancient heart of the city, cycling through its picturesque streets and its architectural and artistic beauties through narrow alleys and charming views. Discover the magnificence of the Cathedral of Syracuse, the charm of the ancient Maniace Castle and the unique atmosphere of the local markets.

Lunch: we prefer and recommend a quick and light option to give more time and space to the experience on the bike and boat

Boat excursion around the Island of Ortigia and the Sea Caves:

Siracusa bike Tour - Costa Siracusa - Arco di Roccia
Rock Arch – Sea Caves

During our journey, you’ll have the opportunity to experience a boat trip of Ortygia Island.

Admire the magnificent coast from a completely different perspective, savouring the sea breeze and taking in the picturesque views this area offers. The experience includes the visit of few sea caves such as Cave dei Cappuccini, Cave of Coral and the Big Cave (Grotta Grande).This sea tour will complete your experience, giving you a unique perspective on the natural and historical beauty of Syracuse.
Time to come back with our E-Bike to the starting point of the experience.

Book now your Tour on Syracuse E-Bike, a beautiful journey biking through the natural coastline and the historical beauty of Ortygia!


Why choose Our Syracuse Bike & Boat experience:

  • Not only do we offer an exceptional tour, but we are also committed to ensuring maximum safety and comfort. Book now our E-Bike Tour in Syracuse and get ready to live an unforgettable experience that combines the Sicilian tradition with the modernity of electric bikes.
  • Thanks this Top Quality bikes, you can enjoy an effortless ride, focusing only on the beauty of the places you will cross. The combination of technology and tradition makes our tour unique.

Why book an E-bike tour with Into Etna?Siracusa bike Tour - Isola di Ortigia vista dal mare

  1. Because for Into Etna Team quality and attention to detail are the key to improve our services.
  2. We chose our E-Bike among the best brands in the world and high-end, to ensure safety, comfort and fun; all with respect for customers and the environment; essential ingredients for an unforgettable experience.
  3. Join us for an extraordinary adventure that will take you to discover the natural, artistic and geological treasures of Sicily and Etna, through the comfort and freedom guaranteed by our E-bikes.

Insights and curiosities on the highlights of the Tour Of Syracuse on E-Bike:

The Island Of Ortygia :

Boat Tour of Ortygia Island :

  • INTO ETNA HEADQUARTER, at 8:00, ready for departure to Syracuse.
  • Free pick-up in Catania or in the surrounding areas (to be agreed).
DURATION OF THE EXCURSION approximately 6 hours
WHAT TO BRING WITH YOU Towel,Snacks and water, spare clothing, light cloths, sunglasses and sun cream.
RECOMMENDED CLOTHING Comfortable and sporty layered clothing, sneakers or mtb shoes
MINIMUM GROUP 4 people minimum

For groups of more than 8 people contact Into Etna.

ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENTS Know how to ride a bike and a minimum height of 145 cm/57 inches
Transport from the venue to the starting point of the excursion and vice versa

Nature guide and E-mtb Instructor certified

Syracuse Coast Boat Tour

Repair kit and helmet
Pick-up Hotel/Bnb (Communicate during booking)

Waterproof jacket €5, bike pad €5, gloves €5

Packed lunch or to buy on site

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Communicate during the booking phase, in the notes, the presence of allergies, food intolerances or specific dietary regimes. Also communicate a second useful preferential date.

Tour will be confirmed 48 hours before the event. Alternatively, a change of date or a similar tour will be proposed in the duration and services offered.


Visit Tuna Fishery-Santa Panagia

The adventure begins at the picturesque Tonnara di Santa Panagia, a place rich in history and charm, from where we will set out to explore the coast of Syracuse.

Coast of Syracuse

We will ride along the coast of Syracuse, admiring spectacular marine landscapes and discovering historical sites along the way.

Ortigia Island

Continuing our adventure, we will pedal through the fascinating island of Ortigia, exploring its narrow alleys, historical monuments, and works of art.

Boat Tour around Ortigia

We will experience a magical moment with a relaxing boat tour around the island of Ortigia, enjoying the marine panorama and coastal beauties.

Visit to the Sea Caves

Our experience will include a visit to the charming sea caves of the Capuchins, with their unique rock formations, the Coral Grotto, and finally, the majestic Grand Grotto.
Siracusa bike Tour - Isola di Ortigia vista dal mare
Siracusa bike Tour - Costa Siracusa - Arco di Roccia - Into Etna Bike
Siracusa bike Tour - Baia accanto Tonnara Santa Panagia con acqua cristallina
Siracusa Ebike Tour - Costa Siracusa - Baia
Siracusa bike Tour - Bikers dentro La Tonnara di Santa Panagia
Siracusa bike Tour - Baia accanto Tonnara con acqua cristallina
Siracusa bike Tour - Isola di Ortigia vista dal mare
Siracusa bike Tour - Baia accanto Tonnara con acqua cristallina
Cattedrale Di Siracusa vista lateralmente
Siracusa bike Tour - Costa Siracusa - Arco di Roccia
Siracusa bike Tour - Costa Siracusa - Arco di Roccia
Siracusa Bike Tour Isola Ortigia
Cattedrale Di Siracusa vista frontalmente
Siracusa bike Tour - Costa Siracusa - Scoglio Due fratelli
Siracusa bike Tour - Costa Siracusa - Arco di Roccia
Original price was: 150,00 €.Current price is: 120,00 €.
One tour per person