Mount Etna Sunset Hike

  • Duration : 4 h roughly
  • Route length: 5 Kilometers
  • Max-min altitude: 2000m – 1750m
  • Altitude difference: Positive +250m, Negative -250m
  • Difficulty: Easy 1 star

Mount Etna Sunset Excursion:

Etna Tramonto
View during the excursion

Discover the South-west side of Mount Etna, the wildest and least touristy place, with this Excursion we will realise how supreme is nature, strong and alive yet absolutely impermanent. With Mount Etna Half-day Tour you will experience the most authentic side of the volcano, we will see it in the maximum expression of colours and scents, and you will witness a breathtaking Sunset.

  1. Mt. Etna trekking Sunset
    Mt.Etna trekking Sunset

Excursion program Mount Etna Sunset:

Meeting point:

  1. INTO ETNA POINT (Bar Esagonal)Parking Funivia Etna south From May to October
  2. INTO ETNA HEADQUARTER(Trecastagni) March-April-November

Time to be agreed according to the day of the excursion (Sunset time varies).

First we’ll visit the Side Craters of 1892 in the South Slope, before descending to the south-east side from where we will depart for our excursion;

Etna Tramonto
View above Side crater

We start from Piano Vetore, along the way we will be able to constantly observe the activity of the Summit Craters, which are degassing almost all the time and deliver an unforgettable scenery for our hike.
Through the Mount Etna Half-day Sunset we will visit a volcanic structure called Hornito, a conical structure built up by lava and a weirdly shaped Lava Tree named locally “Pietra Cannone”, a rare volcanic rock formations looking like cannons.

Walking along recent and ancient lava flow of Mt.Etna:

There, we will reach a privileged spot to watch the sunset, enjoying a little and yet typical Sicilian aperitif, during dusk, time to appreciate the silence and the deep beauty of this place.

This tour has a reduced cost for under 13s

Why book an Hike Excursion with Into Etna?

Mt. Etna trekking Sunset
Mt. Etna trekking Sunset
  • Because for us, quality and attention to detail is fundamental
  • We choose our routes, our guides and the way of carrying out the hiking experience to give the best possible involvment according to your needs, to ensure safety and fun; all with respect to customers and the environment; essential ingredients for an unforgettable adventure.
  • Join us for an extraordinary adventure that will take you to discover the natural, artistic and geological treasures of Sicily and Etna, through our experiences, our passion and our professionalism.

Into Etna – Hike & Bike experience others opportunity:

Fancy of riding a Bike, here we go our Etna Sunset E-bike:

TRAVEL PERIOD Mars – November
MEETING POINT Into Etna Point (Bar Esagonal) Cable Car Parking Etna south From May to October

Into Etna Headquarter (Trecastagni) March-April-November
Time to be agreed according to the day of the excursion (Sunset time varies).

WHAT TO BRING snacks, 1.5 liters of water at least per person, spare clothing, sweatshirt or warm jacket to use during and / or after sunset, sunglasses, sunscreen.
RECOMMENDED CLOTHING Comfortable and sporty clothing, high trekking shoes, high socks, hat
PARTICIPANTS Minimum Number x group 4 people
MINIMUM AGE No minimum age
Transport to and from Into Etna point-Etna South (May – October)


Into Etna Headquater (March-April)

Nature Guide certified and passionate Backpack, Torch
Hotel pick-up and drop-off service with additional charge(Communicate when booking)

Aperitif and sound bath in a refuge

Trekking shoes €5

Mt. Etna Sunset side Experience:

What: – Right After Sunset Trekking experience we propose a SOUND BATH with many Tibetan bells, the shamanic drum and other instruments, which will lead you on an intimate journey of the soul through the senses.

Where: Refuge Manfre’ ( refuge of Mount Etna) at an altitude of 1385 meters

Who: The sound bath will be guided by wellness operator.

What’s included: Sound Bath, blanket, Dinner at Refuge

And included in the package a dinner with typical Sicilian appetiser, (platter of meats and cheeses) and pasta with local DOC wine and water.

Minimum number of applicants 4 people
Fee per person 50 euros Dinner and Sound Bath
30 euros for Children under 13 years
Minimum Age No limit


Communicate during the booking phase, in the notes, the presence of allergies, food intolerances or specific dietary regimes. Also communicate a second useful preferential date.

Depending on the weather conditions or the altitude limit imposed by the authorities that regulate the safety quotas on Etna, the Tour will be confirmed 48 hours before the event. Alternatively, a change of date or a similar tour will be proposed in the duration and services offered.



in unique environments away from tourist flows


through ancient lava flows



Lava stone shelters


Tour Highlights of the Excursion:

  1. Unforgettable Sunset: Witness a unique spectacle as the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky and volcanic landscape with vibrant colors.
  2. Exploration of Lateral Craters: Venture into few lateral craters of Mount Etna, silent witnesses to past volcanic activity.
  3. Walk on Recent Lava Flows: Experience the thrill of walking on recent lava flows, discovering the wild and untouched beauty of volcanic nature.
  4. Sunset Aperitif: Conclude the adventure with a delightful aperitif provided by us, savouring it in a unique sunset atmosphere.
Mount Etna Half-day tour- Sunset-wacting Sunset -lava fields
Trekking Etna tramonto con clienti che passeggiano al tramonto
Etna Trekking Tramonto
Etna Coucher de soleil
Etna Tramonto
mount Etna Sunset
mount Etna Sunset
Tramonto Etna
Tramonto Etna
Tramonto Etna
Etna Tramonto
Etna Tramonto
Etna Tramonto
Etna Tramonto
Etna Tramonto
Etna Tramonto
Etna Tramonto
Mt. Etna trekking Sunset
Mt. Etna trekking Sunset
Mt. Etna trekking Sunset
Mt. Etna trekking Sunset with lava tree and family behind
Mt. Etna trekking Sunset with lava tree
Mt. Etna trekking Sunset
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One tour per person