“Explore Mount Etna and Sicily with our E-bike tours featuring Etna Summit Craters 3350, Etna Summit Craters 2700, Etna Tour, Etna Sunset, Etna East, and Bike Sicily with Taormina Sky, and Siracusa. Our Top-Quality E-bikes, available equipment, and certified guides ensure a unique experience. Venture off the beaten path with small groups of up to 8 people. Discover the beauty of Etna and Sicily with optimized Etna bike tours, E-bike tour Etna, and Bike Sicily. Book your unforgettable adventure now!”

Etna Tour Foto di un gruppo di clienti durante il Tour dell'Etna sopra un cratere laterale

Etna Bike Tour Full Day

Explore Mount Etna from south to northeast with our thrilling E-Bike Tour. Traverse lava flows, unique forests, charming refuges, and visit a captivating lava cave.   A
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Etna Est Valle del Bove

Etna East – Half day Bike

It is an Half-day bike tour that includes lots of aspects:During this Tour, we will traverse the 1928 lava flow before visiting a lava tube and ...
Etna Crateri Sommitali 2700- Amici e E-bike davanti i crateri Sommitali

Etna Summit Tour 2700

Mt.Etna Summit Excursion by E-bike, the most coveted place and loved by millions of visitors from all over the world, we propose to visit it on E-bike.
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Summit Crater Etna 3350

Mt.Etna Summit Sunrise

SUNRISE is one of the most evocative and exciting moments of the day, Imagine it in one of the most powerful places in the world ETNA.  
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Siracusa bike Tour - Isola di Ortigia vista dal mare

Syracuse E-bike tour

This E-bike adventure between Ortigia island and the natural beauty of the coast will give you a unique perspective of Syracuse, combining history, culture...and the beautiful Sicilian nature
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