Etna: the record numbers of a world legend

It is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating places on the entire planet as well as the highest active volcano in Europe. As if these primates weren’t enough already, here are some incredible numbers on Etna that will make you better understand the privilege of being able to live it.

600 thousand are the years in which you have to go back to witness the birth of Etna. At that time, in that place, there was a large gulf but the first eruptions laid the foundations and the following ones made the volcano grow in size.

3320 meters is the height, from sea level, reached by the highest point. An altitude that undergoes continuous growth variations due to the accumulation of pyroclastic material that is formed following the various eruptions.

135 are the kilometers of the perimeter of Etna. A real good giant!

The longest eruption of Etna in its history lasted 10 years: from 1614 to 1624.

Today the main craters of the summit apparatus are 4: the north-east one (formed in 1911), the “Voragine” (1945), the Bocca Nuova (1968) and the South-East crater (1971).

The numbers for an unforgettable experience are all there!

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