In the heart of Europe’s highest active volcano


Follow unexplored paths and live immersive and engaging experiences with our E-MTB (electric mountain bike) and through TREKKING.

Into Etna takes you “inside” nature and makes you discover the history and the contrasts of this unique panorama in the world.

A volcano, seems a hostile place. But we will discover how Etna is the cradle of a unique ecosystem to be defended and protected. Mamma Etna, rich in nature and history, is ready to welcome you along the harmony of “her” flanks. And our goal will be to immerse you in the dynamics that dominate and have dominated these places over the millennia. An experience, in two words: INTO ETNA.

My Etna


The head and visonary of INTO ETNA is Gino Moschetto, certified Nature Guide, E-MTB guide and a passionate traveller. He will lead you safely to the discovery pristine places and will share with you things that are not found in any books.

I have an extensive background traveling and incredible experiences that made me fall in love with nature and life with all its aspects.
Thanks to those experiences, through a trekking or e-bike excursion, I do my best to make you feel part of this incredible world, the point for me will be that, share with you the scientific information and go beyond it, joy and wonder will then come naturally.

Istruttore accompagnatore AMBIKE